Swinging the Maelstrom

Swinging the Maelstrom

A Critical Edition

By Malcolm Lowry

Edited by: Vik Doyen

Foreword by: Patrick A. McCarthy, Paul Tiessen

Introduction by: Miguel Mota

Notes by: Chris Ackerley

244 Pages · 8x5.5 · November 28 2013

Paper ISBN: 9780776608020

PDF ISBN: 9780776620879

ePub ISBN: 9780776620886

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Swinging the Maelstrom
List of illustrations General Editor’s Note Foreword Introduction Swinging the Maelstrom Textual Notes Explanatory Notes Appendix 1: The Last Address Textual Notes Appendix 2: The Manuscript Record Works Cited Contributors

Author Bio

Malcolm Lowry was born in 1909 in northwest England, near Liverpool. During the 1930s he lived in London, New York, Mexico, and Los Angeles before moving to British Columbia in 1939. This move marked the start of a startlingly fertile period in Lowry’s career as a 20th-century literary modernist. The 1940 Under the Volcano formed the basis for his masterpiece, Under the Volcano (1947)—one of the last great modernist novels. 

Miguel Mota is Associate Professor of English at the University of British Columbia. He has published on numerous 20th-century and contemporary writers and filmmakers. 

Paul Tiessen is Professor Emeritus at Wilfrid Laurier University. He is the founding editor of the Malcolm Lowry Newsletter (1977–1984) and The Malcolm Lowry Review (1984–2002).

Chris Ackerley is Professor of English at the University of Otago, New Zealand. His research focus is modernism, and his speciality is annotation.

David Large is a research and teaching assistant at the University of Otago in New Zealand. With Chris Ackerley, he edits an annotation website dedicated to Under the Volcano

Vik Doyen is Professor Emeritus and former vice-dean of the Arts Faculty and head of the English Department at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. He did archival research in the Malcolm Lowry Collection at the University of British Columbia for his doctoral dissertation.

Patrick A. McCarthy is Professor of English at the University of Miami. He has authored several studies on Lowry, including Forests of Symbols: World, Text, and Self in Malcolm Lowry’s Fiction

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