Taking Aviation to New Heights

Taking Aviation to New Heights

A Biography of Pierre Jeanniot

By Jacqueline Cardinal , Laurent Lapierre

408 Pages · 9x6 · November 19 2013

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To chart the inspiring journey of Pierre Jeanniot is to trace the remarkable development of the air transport industry. In his youth, Jeanniot survived the bombing of Rome, the occupation of France, and was a witness to the Resistance in the Jura Mountains. In 1963, after the Sainte-Thérèse air tragedy and the threat of finding himself jobless, Jeanniot was inspired to create the famous Black Box, which has since become a pillar of aviation security. Under his direction, Air Canada chose the Airbus rather than the Boeing to renew its fleet, in the midst of a highly visible political crisis. Against all odds, Jeanniot also orchestrated the successful privatization of the airline. His visionary speech at Amman, delivered when he was at the helm of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), laid out modern aviation’s most urgent priorities regarding accident prevention, protection of the environment, and technological progress. A master of logistics, he successfully negotiated the impasse in the skies following the September 11 terrorist attacks and handled the many complications that came in their wake.

Pierre Jeanniot’s influence has been felt far beyond the aviation world. His longstanding desire to facilitate access to higher learning led him to participate actively in the founding of the Université du Québec. A skilled diplomat, he also helped to resolve political problems in Iran, Libya, North Korea, and the Middle East. Taking Aviation to New Heights is the story of a great leader who has left an indelible mark on his milieu. He has truly piloted aviation to new heights.

List of Boxes
Introduction—Who Is Pierre Jeanniot?

Part 1 Gaston and Renée (1914–1934)
 Chapter 1 Baptism by Fire
 Chapter 2 The Boches Are Coming!
 Chapter 3 A Train for Addis Ababa
Part 2 Making the Best of Things (1935–1945)
 Chapter 4 My Father, the Hero
 Chapter 5 Rome: Run for Your Life!
 Chapter 6 Woolen Pants and Wooden Shoes
 Chapter 7 News from Christine
 Chapter 8 Between Patton and de Lattre de Tassigny
Part 3 Destination Montreal (1946–1954)
 Chapter 9 Fate or Chance?
 Chapter 10 A Sign from Heaven
 Chapter 11 The Rebellion
 Chapter 12 Necessary Conditions
Part 4 The Black Box (1955–1967)
 Chapter 13 Slamming the Door
 Chapter 14 Trans-Canada Airlines
 Chapter 15 The Tragedy of Sainte-Thérèse
 Chapter 16 The Inventor of the “Black Box”
 Chapter 17 My Cabin at Lake McCaskill
 Chapter 18 The Canadian Operations Research Society
Part 5 On the Way Up in Air Canada (1968–1983)
 Chapter 19 A Revolution: l’Université du Québec
 Chapter 20 Chaos
 Chapter 21 Linguistic Turmoil
 Chapter 22 Goings-on Behind the Scenes
 Chapter 23 Taschereau, Mackasey, Taschereau, Amyot and … one other
 Chapter 24 Open Skies
Part 6 President and CEO of Air Canada (1984–1990)
 Chapter 25 The Battle for Asia
 Chapter 26 Boeing or Airbus?
 Chapter 27 The Smoke Extinguisher
 Chapter 28 Privatization Curtailed
Part 7 Director General and CEO of IATA (1992–2002)
 Chapter 29 Through the Front Door
 Chapter 30 Ready About
 Chapter 31 The Amman Speech
 Chapter 32 Kim Jong-il, Gaddafi, Arafat and … the Others
 Chapter 33 Waiting for Y2K
Part 8 9/11 and Its Aftermath
 Chapter 34 September 11, 2001
 Chapter 35 “I’m coming back to Montreal”
 Chapter 36 “The Master of the Skies”