The Copyright Pentalogy

The Copyright Pentalogy

How the Supreme Court of Canada Shook the Foundations of Canadian Copyright Law

Edited by: Michael Geist

478 Pages · 9x6 · April 27 2013

Paper ISBN: 9780776608013

PDF ISBN: 9780776620848

ePub ISBN: 9780776620855

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The Copyright Pentalogy
Introduction by Michael Geist

Standard of Review and the Courts
1. Of Reasonableness, Fairness and the Public Interest: Judicial Review of Copyright Board Decisions in Canada’s Copyright Pentalogy – Graham Reynolds
2. Courts and Copyright: Some Thoughts on Standard of Review – Paul Daly
3. The Context of the Supreme Court’s Copyright Cases – Margaret Ann Wilkinson

Fair Dealing
4. Fair Use 2.0: The Rebirth of Fair Dealing in Canada – Ariel Katz
5. Fairness Found: How Canada Quietly Shifted from Fair Dealing to Fair Use – Michael Geist
6. The Arithmetic of Fair Dealing at the Supreme Court of Canada – Giuseppina D’Agostino
7. Fair Dealing Practices in the Post-Secondary Education Sector after the Pentalogy – Samuel E. Trosow
8. Fairness of Use: Different Journeys – Meera Nair

Technological Neutrality
9. Technological Neutrality: (Pre)Serving the Purposes of Copyright Law – Carys J. Craig
10. Technological Neutrality in Canadian Copyright Law – Gregory R. Hagen

Copyright Collective Management
11. Copyright Royalty Stacking – Jeremy de Beer
12. The Internet Taxi: Collective Management of Copyright and the Making Available Right, after the Pentalogy – Daniel Gervais

The Scope of Copyright
13. Righting a Right: Entertainment Software Association v. SOCAN and the Exclusive Rights of Copyright for Works – Elizabeth F. Judge
14. Acknowledging Copyright’s Illegitimate Offspring: User-Generated Content and Canadian Copyright Law – Teresa Scassa


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