The Fallacy of Race and the Shoah

The Fallacy of Race and the Shoah

By Naomi Kramer , Ronald Headland

384 Pages · 11.00x8.00 · November 25 1998

Paper ISBN: 9780776604763

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Naomi Kramer and Ronald Headland approach the universal issues that inevitably arise in discussing the Holocaust -- evil, courage, human dignity, moral responsibility and the existential qualities of humankind -- through individual experience. Consisting of two main parts, the book explores one individual's experience during the Shoah and the historical context in which these experiences occurred. It includes a comprehensive historical summary of the Shoah and represents a succinct synopsis of existing secondary literature and primary sources. A bibliography and extensive glossary of terms relating to both Jewish life and the Shoah are included.
Contents Preface Foreword -- Peter Kleinmann One - Munkacs - Jewish Communal Life - Antisemitism on the Rise - Hungarian Occupation - Munkacs Guetto - Jews Alone - Deportation - Fear and Humiliation - Auschwitz - The Evil of Man - Gross-Rosen - Slavery and Scavenging - Death March - Succumbing - Flossenbürg - The Interminable Void - Muselmann - The Last Selection - Liberation? - Imprisoned in Memory - Aftermath - Another Unknown World - Visualizing Memory - A Last Detail Millions - Jewish Life - Prewar Europe - Nazi Ideology and Antisemitism - Germany - Ghettos - Identification and Isolation - Institutionalized Discrimination - Einsatzgruppen - First Organized Mass Murders - The Final Solution - Deportations and Camps - The Shoah in Carpatho-Ruthenia/Hungary - The End of Reprieve - Death Marches - Final Organized Mass Murders - Liberation - Memory with Consequence Glossary Bibliography and Suggestions for Further Reading Index