The Isabella Valancy Crawford Symposium

The Isabella Valancy Crawford Symposium

Edited by: Frank M. Tierney

168 Pages · 9.00x6.00 · January 1 1979

Paper ISBN: 9780776643854

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This work is the result of the fifth Symposium in the University of Ottawa Symposia series which focused on the life and work of Isabella Valancy Crawford (1850-1887). Acclaimed scholars of Canadian Literature joined to speak on Crawford's life, read and listen to her poetry, and critically examine some of her major works. Contributors include Dorothy Livesay, Penny Petrone, Margo Dunn, John Ower, Orest Rudzik, Elizabeth Waterston, Fred Cogswell, Kenneth Hughes, S. R. MacGillivray, Catherine Ross, Louis Dudek, Anne Paolucci, and Clara Thomas.