To Serve Canada

To Serve Canada

A History of the Royal Military College of Canada

By Richard Preston

270 Pages · 9.00x11.00 · January 1 1991

Cloth ISBN: 9780776603278

PDF ISBN: 9780776617329

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During the four decades following the Second World War, the Royal Military College of Canada has adapted to the need to produce professional career officers by evolving into an academic centre of excellence and one of the country's leading universities. Along the way, it has responded to the challenges of service integration and unification, bilingualism, the emergence of Collège militaire royal and Royal Roads Military College, the employment of women in non-traditional roles, Canada's changing cultural make-up, and the rapid pace of technological change. In a society in which the precepts of military service are increasingly remote, the continued competition for entrance into RMC speaks of its resilience as a centre of learning and leadership.

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