Tom Symons

Tom Symons

A Canadian Life

Edited by: Ralph Heintzman

502 Pages · June 4 2011

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Tom Symons: A Canadian Life is a compelling portrait of one of Canada’s pre-eminent educational and cultural statesmen of the twentieth century. An outstanding public figure, Symons was a leader in many areas of Canadian life, including as the founding president of Trent University, as a pioneer in Canadian and Aboriginal studies, as an architect of national unity and French-language education in Ontario, as a champion of human rights, and as the chief policy advisor to the federal Progressive Conservative party in the 1960s and 1970s.

The volume’s contributors are as remarkable as its subject. They include Madam Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella of the Supreme Court of Canada; the Honourable Tom McMillan, former federal Minister of the Environment; the Honourable Charles Beer, former Ontario Cabinet Minister; Ivan Fellegi, former Chief Statistician of Canada; John Fraser, one of Canada’s most distinguished journalists; and Denis Smith, award-winning biographer of John Diefenbaker, among others.

Tom Symons: A Canadian Life is a study in leadership. It brings to light the unique human and personal qualities that allowed Symons to lead in such a wide range of areas and to exercise such deep and lasting influence on so many Canadian institutions -- contributions that continue to be meaningful and relevant for Canada today.

Becoming Tom Symons
-- Ralph Heintzman, University of Ottawa and Massey College
Tom Symons and the Founding of Trent University
-- Denis Smith, author and biographer
Classrooms, Conversations and Communities: Tom Symons’s Perspectives on Learning
-- Jamie Benidickson, University of Ottawa
He Walked in Our Moccasins and Mukluks: Tom Symons and Native and Northern Studies and Policy
-- Harvey McCue, former Director General, Policy and Research, Education Branch, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Quiet Revolutionary: Tom Symons, National Unity and Linguistic Rights
-- Charles Beer, former Ontario Cabinet Minister
Robert L. Stanfield and Tom Symons: A Public Policy Partnership
-- Tom McMillan, former federal Cabinet Minister
To Know Ourselves: Tom Symons and Canadian Studies
-- David R. Cameron, University of Toronto
“It’s All About Culture”: The Cultural Perspective of Tom Symons
-- Walter Pitman, former President, Ryerson University
Transformative Leadership: Tom Symons and a New Vision of Human Rights
-- Rosalie Silberman Abella, Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
Tom Symons and the Commonwealth
-- Alastair Niven, former President of English PEN
Peace and International Understanding through Education: Tom Symons and the United World Colleges
-- Ralph Heintzman
Tom Symons, Independent Schools and the Canadian Educational Standards Institute
-- John Stevenson, partner emeritus, Gowlings LLP
The Sum of All We Are: Tom Symons and Heritage
-- Christina Cameron, former Director General of National Historic Sites, Parks Canada
Tom Symons and the National Statistics Council
-- Ivan Fellegi, former Chief Statistician of Canada
Unexplored Frontiers: Tom Symons and the Arctic Landfall of an Elizabethan Adventurer
-- Stephen Alsford, Canadian Museum of Civilization, retired
Tom Symons and Massey College
-- John Fraser, former editor of Saturday Night magazine and Master of Massey College
Summer Islander: Tom Symons and Prince Edward Island
-- Edward MacDonald, University of Prince Edward Island
Tom Symons and Peterborough
-- Sylvia Sutherland, former Mayor of Peterborough
Tom the Radical Tory
-- Marco Adria, University of Alberta
A Canadian Life
-- Ralph Heintzman
Remarks on the occasion of the retirement of Professor T. H. B. Symons as President and Vice-Chancellor of Trent University, at the Seventy-fourth meeting of the Trent University Senate, 24 May 1972
-- Stuart Robson, Trent University, retired
Curriculum vitae for Thomas Henry Bull Symons
Notes on Authors