Tom Symons

Tom Symons

A Canadian Life

Edited by: Ralph Heintzman

502 Pages · June 4 2011

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Tom Symons

Becoming Tom Symons
-- Ralph Heintzman, University of Ottawa and Massey College
Tom Symons and the Founding of Trent University
-- Denis Smith, author and biographer
Classrooms, Conversations and Communities: Tom Symons’s Perspectives on Learning
-- Jamie Benidickson, University of Ottawa
He Walked in Our Moccasins and Mukluks: Tom Symons and Native and Northern Studies and Policy
-- Harvey McCue, former Director General, Policy and Research, Education Branch, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Quiet Revolutionary: Tom Symons, National Unity and Linguistic Rights
-- Charles Beer, former Ontario Cabinet Minister
Robert L. Stanfield and Tom Symons: A Public Policy Partnership
-- Tom McMillan, former federal Cabinet Minister
To Know Ourselves: Tom Symons and Canadian Studies
-- David R. Cameron, University of Toronto
“It’s All About Culture”: The Cultural Perspective of Tom Symons
-- Walter Pitman, former President, Ryerson University
Transformative Leadership: Tom Symons and a New Vision of Human Rights
-- Rosalie Silberman Abella, Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
Tom Symons and the Commonwealth
-- Alastair Niven, former President of English PEN
Peace and International Understanding through Education: Tom Symons and the United World Colleges
-- Ralph Heintzman
Tom Symons, Independent Schools and the Canadian Educational Standards Institute
-- John Stevenson, partner emeritus, Gowlings LLP
The Sum of All We Are: Tom Symons and Heritage
-- Christina Cameron, former Director General of National Historic Sites, Parks Canada
Tom Symons and the National Statistics Council
-- Ivan Fellegi, former Chief Statistician of Canada
Unexplored Frontiers: Tom Symons and the Arctic Landfall of an Elizabethan Adventurer
-- Stephen Alsford, Canadian Museum of Civilization, retired
Tom Symons and Massey College
-- John Fraser, former editor of Saturday Night magazine and Master of Massey College
Summer Islander: Tom Symons and Prince Edward Island
-- Edward MacDonald, University of Prince Edward Island
Tom Symons and Peterborough
-- Sylvia Sutherland, former Mayor of Peterborough
Tom the Radical Tory
-- Marco Adria, University of Alberta
A Canadian Life
-- Ralph Heintzman
Remarks on the occasion of the retirement of Professor T. H. B. Symons as President and Vice-Chancellor of Trent University, at the Seventy-fourth meeting of the Trent University Senate, 24 May 1972
-- Stuart Robson, Trent University, retired
Curriculum vitae for Thomas Henry Bull Symons
Notes on Authors