Tout vient à mourir

Tout vient à mourir

By Andrew F. Sullivan

230 Pages · 8x6 · October 11 2017

Paper ISBN: 9782760325555

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Tout vient à mourir is the French translation of All We Want is Everything, Andrew F. Sullivan’s exceptional debut collection of short stories. 

This collection finds the misused and forgotten, the places in between, the borderlands on the edge of town where dead fields alternate with empty warehouses—places where men and women clutch tightly at whatever fragments remain. Motels are packed with human cargo, while parole is just another state of being. Christmas dinners become battlegrounds; truck cabs and bathroom stalls transform into warped confessionals; and stories are told and retold, held out by people stumbling towards one another in the dark. 

Frightening, hilarious, filled with raging impotence and moments of embattled grace, All We Want is Everything is the advent of a tremendous new literary voice.


All We Want Is Everything is a slim book but it is jammed with stories that drip with guts, bodily
emissions, and heartache, told by narrators who long for a real connection. The writing is a clean right
hook that lands with precision....It’s a startling debut by one of my new favourite writers whose promise
is clear and future looks bright. Write his name down because hopefully he’s going to be a big deal.

Zoe Whittall

The 20 stories in All We Want Is Everything are hard and unforgiving, dragging the reader bodily
through a world in which factory machines mangle workers beyond repair and clouds of birds
descend on a city, turning it into a toxic wasteland of filth and unbreathable air.

Steven W. Beattie

Reading Sullivan’s visceral, understated prose is roughly equivalent to watching a train wreck—
horrifying, yet compelling, at the same time. … Sullivan should be commended for his strong
commitment to voice and his uncanny ability to plumb the depths of these characters.
This is a bold and arresting debut. 

Bev Sandell Greenberg