Why Publish at UOP?

Are you looking for a publisher?

Here are 10 reasons for UOP may just be your publisher of choice:

  • UOP is dedicated to curating meticulously researched, peer-reviewed and relevant books that not only advance knowledge within academia but also engage a broader audience by offering important insight into contemporary issues and debates.

  • UOP specializes in the social sciences and humanities, with a further focus on Canadian studies and the Francophonie; Politics, and Public Policy; and Globalization. 

  • As the oldest French-language and only French-English university press in North America, we have privileged access to both the English and the French market - in Canada and throughout the world. And did you know that ours is the only Translation Studies series in the country?

  • UOP is the publishing arm of one of the world's top 200 international universities, and one of the top 10 research universities in Canada. We are open to the world while serving our own communities.

  • Our 80-year history translates into respectable expertise and is synonymous with rigour, enthusiasm and a profound attachment to growing knowledge. 

  • We attract well-established authors from Canada and abroad, but are also dedicated to supporting emerging authors and our home authors.

  • We publish between 20 and 25 titles a year, in English or in French, which means that our staff takes time to take care of you and of your book.

  • Our staff is fully bilingual and able to support you in the official language of your choice.

  • UOP meets the requirements for the Gold Canadian Bibliographic Standard, which means we deliver robust metadata to our trusted national and international distribution partners so you can reach your audiences with great efficiency.

  • Our governance is top notch: series editors and committes who are recognized experts in their respective fields, and who support authors to produce award-winning books;  dedicated and experienced editorial board; a management board dedicated to good governance, sustainability and innovation; and highly invested and knowledgeable staff.

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