The Entrepreneurial Effect

The Entrepreneurial Effect

Practical Ideas from Your Own Virtual Board of Advisors

Edited by James Bowen

Contributions by Terry Matthews, Mike Gassewitz, Tamas Michel Koplyay, Jean-Pierre Levy-Mangin, Li Li, Denny Boyle, Ray Novokowski, Eli Fathi, Sorin Cohn-Sfetcu, Rob Ashe, Adam Chowaniec, Deborah Weinstein, Ken Wigglesworth, Dave Curley, Andrew Moffat, Margo Crawford, Peter Sommerer, Pat DiPietro, Nathan Rudyk, Tony Bailetti, Brian Hurley, Jeffrey Dale, Lance Laking, Bernard Herscovich, Bernie Ashe, Donna Price, Debi Rosati, Antoine Paquin, Irving Ebert and Bruce Lazenby

Imprint: Invenire

283 Pages, 6.00 x 9.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9780776638676
  • Published: August 2022


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  • 9780776638683
  • Published: August 2022
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  • EPUB
  • 9780776638690
  • Published: August 2022

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